Accessing Gravitational-Wave Data

Together, the LIGO and Virgo gravitational-wave detectors provide open data via the Gravitational Wave Open Science Center (GWOSC). The GWOSC also provides a range of software tools that can be used in accessing the data, as well as training materials to help users get started.

AHEAD2020 provides resources dedicated to supporting development of the GWOSC, with an important component of the project devoted to facilitating access to GWOSC data and materials.

This portal, which will be updated and evolve as AHEAD2020 progresses, has been set up to assist with this process.

Getting started

Wondering where to begin? Have a look at the key GWOSC components.

Exploring the data

There are lots of different applications already available for use in exploring gravitational-wave data. Have a look at this GWOSC page for more details.

The event portal

The GWOSC makes finding information relating to gravitation-wave events an straightforward process, by storing information about the events in a dedicated database and providing an easy-to-use Event Portal interface, which allows users to search and filter results.

Follow activities

Virgo, LIGO Hanford, LIGO Livingston and KAGRA record reports in their Logbooks, providing technical information relating to the latest work and upgrades carried out on the interferometers.

You can follow them by clicking on the links below.